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PVC, "pleather" vinyl records, etc.

A non necessity. Pipes can be made of other things. Music is digital now. How about real leather? Cow farts are toxic eh? Compared to what ? So many poisons are created by humans. For absolutely nothing. Poison.

Nature could furnish an alternative with net zero toxic side effects. Will we keep buying industrial plastics? We vote with our money. And get these disasters more often than not. That plume is what happens under a little arm band aid too, post jab. Every vital vein and river a toxic flow.

The monetary systems of the world are in place to keep a fair trade playing field nice and level right? Yowza that black cloud is disgusting and heartbreaking. The arrest of journalists is absolutely insane. I'd rather read about it here than anywhere. 🙏🏼

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They should change the name of the town to Kiev instead of Palestine. Maybe they’d get support.

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Possible start to cleanup solutions. Nature is much more resilient than we realize. Bio remediation is actually the only solution. There is no magic eraser for this horrible mess.

aquaritin.com https://www.thewatercleanser.com/products/pond-water-cleanser-block

The food chain can absorb and disperse the toxins to a certain extent but the entire web will be minimally useful for a painful period of time. No easy ways out of failure in prevention. I use these products to clean private water and soil interests. The methodology can be scaled up. I offer all consultation in the matter for free. I rant endlessly on my substack about exactly this kind of catastrophe. That people do to their own amazing private lands and waters by accident all the time.

I simply did a web search "diatoms and the uptake of dioxins". The Sands of Time could help us right now. "Dig Lazarus Dig!" ( I also recommend that search)

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From a friend in western WV, where the OH River flows, it's getting a lot of local news coverage, just not national news. Local legislature wanting briefing about it.

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