Sometimes I wonder what good is there in being "red-pilled." Perhaps being aware of what's coming enables a person to be at least somewhat prepared. What can anyone do about anything else?

Do not comply? No kidding...


FYI, mRNA is a red herring:




AI is already being used against humanity, although it's only conjecturing based on what can be known about the available technology:


In the meanwhile, bioweapons are being combined with psyops and seem to be making a perfect killing:


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In front of my house a vehicle crossed the wide median strip into the opposite lane and crashed into a tree. I didn't have to bother learning the deatials.

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Wow, Keanu just might be one of the genuine "good guys" in Hollywood. I've read that he takes the NY subway like a regular person, has no cadre of bodyguards or personal assistants, is down-to-earth as can be. Humble, modest, quiet. I do hope it's all true. The fact that he's aware of the real misuse of AI tells me he's intelligent and not just after fame and money as sole reasons to be in his profession.

Thanks for this latest batch of news!

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